Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 5, 2011. LaGrange to Navasota, TX. 69.4 miles

This was the perfect day for cycling--even for cycling almost 70 miles! It started out a bit chilly at 45 degrees when we rolled out in the morning, but it warmed up to the 80s by mid day. We spent most of the day on farm roads, smoothly paved with little traffic. Rolling hills and green fields were in our view all day, with small herds of cattle and horses dotting the landscape. We passed through small towns along the way, including Round Top where the photo above was taken at the first sag stop. Katherine from SC is on the left, and Lise from WV, celebrating her birthday today, is in the middle.
At the second sag stop we took a group photo in a field of blue bonnets. They are blooming everywhere right now, and it is a pleasure to ride past them in the bright sunshine.
There was a warning of a low overpass, and they surely meant it!
We had planned to stop in Independence for lunch, but there was not much there, so we pushed on.
Near the end of the ride we got on State Route 105, which was very busy, but had a wide shoulder most of the time. However, there were three long bridges that were so narrow that there was NO shoulder--the lane line was at the bridge rail. That was pretty scary--the speed limit on the road was 70 MPH.... we made sure it was clear behind us, then pedaled like crazy to get across each bridge. Usually traffic had come up behind us by the time we were midway across the bridge, but it all worked out. Dianne and I found a restaurant in Navasota, only a mile from the end of the ride, and had sandwiches and iced tea. Finally!
You can see chef Linda above, cooking our dinner in the trailer. It is truly amazing that she creates such wonderful food in this little kitchen. Tomorrow is a rest day, so she will not be cooking. I am going to thoroughly enjoy the dinner Dianne owes me for Scrabble debt from the Florida trip! We are already working on the next one--one of us will be buying the other dinner at the end of this trip....it remains to be seen who will treat whom.


Anonymous said...

Seems like everyone thinks this was a perfect riding day. Round Top is the site of one of the biggest antique shows/gatherings in the country. In the interest of reasonably priced accommodations, it may be a good thing that you missed it.

The Husband said...

I like the trailer Bill