Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Real Life

It's been tough getting back to real life.... I am still not 100% recovered, and that's unusual after 2 weeks of recovery time. I got out of the pool after 2,000 yards last Monday, and got dressed and came home; I was that done. I have a duathlon this Saturday, so let's hope for the best. (Running and biking have been easier to do than swimming, so it should be ok).

Mother's Day was a great time! All the kids came, and you can see that we start them early on bikes around here! The 11-year old is going on a week long trip with me and Bill this summer. The little ones are not ready for that yet, but we're working on it.

Adam rode his bike with training wheels when we went for a walk--he's gotten a lot faster than the last time I walked with him! I had to jog to keep up, the whole 2 miles! It won't be long and he'll be doing the week long trip with the rest of us!

Delia and Sydney rode in the strollers; not quite ready for prime time! The cousins all got to see each other and get to know one another better.

And we finally got an updated photo of all the grandchildren. The big one on the left is Liza, Erika's exchange student from Russia. She is an honorary grandchild for this year, and we will all miss her when she leaves in June!

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