Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June 23. Bay City to Bad Axe. 62 miles.

We knew all along that this would be the longest day on the tour, and this is the day they asked for volunteers to drive the trucks. Bill is driving today, so it's just me and Toby (and 750 other people) riding this route. We had a short jaunt on a nice rail trail, but the rest of the day was on the road. We were forced to take cover again, while a storm passed through, and this time we were at a boat canvas shop, where they had this neat sculpture in the garden. We ate our morning snack and found out that there was a church youth group sponsoring a lunch in Owendale.

Toby saw a funny face in this building... can you see it?

We spent some time at Owendale, eating lunch, visiting with others, playing and eating ice cream. It was almost 50 miles into the ride, so we deserved a real break!

A couple of miles past Owendale we got onto M-53 a VERY busy highway. Our notes told us to ride single file, but we did not need the reminder! Toby did very well on this busy road. He is getting stronger every day--we averaged 12 MPH today, the best yet.

Bill had already retrieved our bags and set up the tent when Toby and I arrived at 3 PM. Tonight is the last night on this tour, so we went around telling folks farewell. There was a dance with a DJ but Bill and I read our books in the tent instead. It rained again.... several people have been staying in motels the last few nights, being tired of the constant rain. Some people set up their tents under the eaves of the school, not noticing that there were no eave troughs, so they got even wetter than the rest of us! Our tent has been raining inside for days now. We are DEFINITELY getting a new tent when we get home. Bill wanted to get one before this trip, but I convinced him that this one was still good. NOT!

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