Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June 24, 2011. Bad Axe to Harbor Beach. 30 miles.

This was the shortest day of the tour, and could have been even shorter! There was a brisk west wind, first tail wind all week, and our route was predominantly eastward. But first we went 3 miles south (crosswind) and then east, then 3 miles north. Many of the riders chose to go directly east and cut almost 7 miles off the route. But Toby said "I've ridden every mile so far and I want do do the whole ride". So we did. We passed the windmill farm along the way. We had seen it on the bus ride last week, but this time we were up close and personal!

There were tons of snails at one of the sag stops. Too strange when we were still miles away from the beach!

We had the wind at our backs when we entered Harbor Beach, the endpoint of this trip.

Toby dipped his wheel in Lake Huron at the end of the trip, enjoying it immensely.

He'll pay the price when he has to clean all the sand from his bike!

We all lined up for the parade, and led by police cars and fire engines we paraded through Harbor Beach to HB High School, where our truck was parked.

Bill had ridden directly to the school, retreived our bags and put them in the truck. We ate lunch and headed for home, right after taking a photo of the 3 Grosse Ile boys who rode this week. What a great trip! It does not matter that it rained every day... we are all thrilled to have spent this week on our bikes and in our (wet) tents. And all the kids (and most of the adults) are already talking about next year's ride.

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The Michigonians said...

Wow, Linda: What a great adventure for you Bill and Toby. Even though it was wet, you made the best of it and had fun. Thanks for sharing, once again, your bike trips. Looking forward to your next adventure. Hugs