Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October 13, 2011. Caryville, TN

It was another rainy morning in Tennessee, so we did not ride. Instead we got into the truck and drove to Norris Dam State Park. There we learned about the massive TVA system, including Norris Dam. This is Norris Lake below--it extend 56 miles up the Powell River and 73 miles into the Clinch River. There are houseboats for rent here, and we discussed trailering our sailboat down here to spend some time on this lovely lake.

We visited other sites in the park, including the working grist mill and threshing barn, which were moved here from the areas flooded by the Norris Dam. We also visited the museum and visitors' center.

We met Pat for lunch, then stopped in at the tourist center in Clinton, TN, near the dam and the park. Ethel was very helpful to us at the tourist center and we came home armed with maps and infomation in case we decide to come back and spend some time on the lake.

We returned to Tom and Pat's house, then went to dinner at the local barbecue place. On Mondays and Thursdays they have music available--people come from miles around to play and sing bluegrass music, and you don't know from one week to the next who will be on stage. We were fortunate that the Chicken Man was here--this is him on stage in the red shirt. The boy in the red shirt was celebrating his birthday. Chicken man performed his famous Chicken song, among others, and we all had a grand time. It's funny--when Tom called to make a reservation for dinner I thought to myself that it would not be very busy in the off season--the restaurant is within the Cove Lake State Park. The place was packed, with people waiting to get in! At least a dozen musicians stepped up and played and sang many old favorites and some songs I had never heard before.

At one point I said to Pat "isn't that the woman from the tourist center?" sitting near us. And it was! She got up on stage and sang for the crowd. She sang several songs including "Mule Skinner Blues", which I remember from when I was a kid. She is quite the yodeler!

Otis was on the phone with a friend from home, and we learned that the Tigers won their game. What a great night!

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