Sunday, November 27, 2011

November in Michigan

We have had a remarkable November! The weather has been warmer than usual. It's raining today, but a couple of Sundays ago a group of us did a nice long bike ride, and yesterday I went out on my bike--it was in the mid 50's! Wonderful weather for Michigan at this time of year. Last Saturday was the Blitzen the Dotte race, a local 5K that takes place in Wyandotte, right before the big Christmas parade. Adam and Toby ran the kids' race and Alison and I did the 5K. This was the first time she has run in ages, so kudos to her for coming out.

The photo below was taken right after we finished running, and as you can see, we survived pretty well.

Francis stayed with the kids while Alison and I ran, and they all had fun watching for us to cross the finish line. I tried to get a family photo of them for their Christmas card...

I placed second in my age group. I was behind Josie (on the left, below) and could see her but could not catch her. We run together frequently in the Island Road Runners. She finished 48 seconds ahead of me. The third place woman in our age group is on the right. I found out the next day that there were 28 women in our group! That made it all the sweeter to place second!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at our house--all the kids and grandkids were here, and some good friends. We tried to get a photo of the 4 grandkids, but this is the best I could do... there are several in which 2 or 3 kids look great and the others are looking somewhere else. Oh well. As my dear cousin used to say "they are children, not soldiers".

My friend Lisa drove an hour and a half to help me set up the Christmas Village, and it looks better than ever. It was Bill's idea to take the furniture out of the room--that sure made a difference! We even have trains this year--something we frequently talk about but seldom get to do. Taking the furniture out made it possible!

The trains go right by the train station, and a lot of people are hanging around the station.... we don't have any passenger cars yet. Maybe by Christmas we'll have some passenger cars and the people will have some place to go!

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