Saturday, October 8, 2011

October 2, 2011. Cranston, RI. 30 miles.

On Saturday we drove back to Rhode Island from Provincetown, MA in light rain. We took our time getting there, since there was no real agenda. Then on Sunday, Tex, from the southern tier ride, came over to ride with us and have dinner. Here we are with Narragansett Bay in the background: Kathie, Dianne, Tex and me.Less than 2 miles into our ride Tex had a flat tire--there she was with no spare tube and no tire pump! Kathie loaned her a tube, I changed the tire, and Dianne pumped it up with my small frame mounted pump. We're not Boy Scouts, but we are certainly prepared!

Kathie gave us a grand tour of the area, much of it settled in the 1600s. These old places are amazing to me. In the 1600s there were Native American outposts in Michigan, but no European settlements.

We rode one of Kathie's regular routes, so she knew of every pothole and lane change. We stopped by a couple of lighthouses on our tour, of course... the one below is the US Coast Guard Warwick Lighthouse.

We called Bill when we had about 10 miles to go, and he preheated the oven and put in the lasagna that Kathie had the presence of mind to make a week ahead and freeze. The 5 of us had a great dinner, drank some wine, had some laughs. It was a great way to end our adventure. Of course Dianne and I played Scrabble after Tex left. We tallied our scores at the end of the night; that's when we know the trip is really over.


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