Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sept. 30, 2011. Cape Cod. 43 miles.

The Cape Cod Rail Trail was less than half a mile from our rooms, so we drove to breakfast and then biked out to the trail. We got on at Orleans, which means we missed only 13 miles of this trail system this week. The trail ended at Wellfleet.

As we headed up toward Provincetown, we rode along the beach for a long time. What a great place! There was not much traffic, as most of the tourists and summer folks have already gone.

Kathie had her cue sheets from the MS 150 ride, so we used those until we were close to Truro and Hwy 6 became too busy to ride. We got off on 6A, and found a place for lunch and ice cream.

Bill met us for lunch--he is very aware of where we are at all times; that can't be easy.

Right outside Provincetown we got on the bike path through the National Seashore, and it was super! The man at the Visitor's Center had told me it was very hilly, and he was right---they did not cut a path through the dunes, but curved around, up and down.... it was a super path.

We entered Provincetown and found our way to the condo that belongs to Kathie's neighbors. They were kind enough to lend it to us for the night, and we really enjoyed it! We drove down the narrow streets to find a place for dinner, which Dianne bought for all of us--what a nice treat! Then it was back to the condo, Scrabble, and bed. Tomorrow morning we head back to Kathie's house.

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