Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 20, 2012. Hawaii.

Dianne arrived in Detroit on Wednesday afternoon, to spend a little time here before leaving on Friday. She brought the "Chocolate Edition" of Scrabble! We did not play it,but I posed it for a photo with the cup she brought me last time. We did, however, play Scrabble on the non-edible board...

The grandkids came over on Thursday and it was a crazy busy day. I was not feeling up to par, so finally around 5:30 PM enough parents were present to watch the little ones and I drove myself over to Urgent care. My face and head were so sore that I was afraid flying would be dangerous.... Doc dignosed sinusitis, gave me an injection and 4 prescriptions.... I am starting to feel better, but not out of the woods yet. It's good that we don't start cycling until Monday.

We had a grueling day yesterday! I did not sleep the night before, so I was wide awake when Bill's alarm went off at 4 AM. We were at the airport at 5:30 for our 7 AM flight to Phoenix. We had an uneventful flight, sharing our row with a nice young man named Terry. He tolerated our incessant Scrabble playing, even commenting on some of the words and the strategy involved in playing. The only thing he did wrong was to call us "old ladies"! we passed through some turbulence (had to hold on to the board to keep it from spilling) and afterward he told us that this was his first time flying but he could not show his fear when we old ladies did not flinch. Imagine that!

After about 2 hours in Phoenix airport we boarded the plane for Kona. I guess I consider flying a necessary evil to be able to go where we want to go... we arrived at Kona at 4:30 local time, which is 10:30 PM in Michigan. It was an incredibly long day on those planes! We broke our record by playing 16 full games of Scrabble while in transit! (I'm ahead).
This is the view from our hotel room. Today we plan to walk around and acclimate. I'll take some more photos of this beautful place today and the rest of our time here. We are going to cycle around the big island of Hawaii all week, then fly to Honolulu and meet up with Bill to tour that island for another week (sans bikes). It is like Paradise here--beautiful weather, beautiful scenery, flowers.... and Bill is home shoveling 5 inches of snow on his birthday!

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