Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 2, 2012. New Orleans

The first photo is St. Louis Cathedral, a famous landmark in New Orleans, right on Jackson Square and just 6 blocks from our hotel. We are finding everything within safe walking distance so far.
There is music everywhere--in the bars and restaurants, on the street corners... At night I can hear them on the street from our 17th floor hotel room. The band in the photo was at Jackson Square. It was quite entertaining.
As we walked around the French Quarter we could see signs of Old New Orleans... from the old cast iron hitching posts to the balconies overflowing with flowers, and the narrow streets and alleys, constructed long before cars were invented.
We walked out of the French Quarter to the Fauborg Marigny area, which was mostly residential. There were wide boulevards and sweeping live oak trees, and that's where we found the bike shop. Dianne's bike did not need to be repaired after all, but we purchased spare tubes and she bought a rack for the back of her bike.

Thursday we will meet the rest of the bike tour. We have to check out of this hotel and walk our stuff down about 5 blocks to the hotel that is the start of the tour. There is a meet and greet at 2 PM, dinner in the evening, and we start biking on Friday. Off to another adventure!

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