Friday, July 13, 2012

The end of the story. June 28, 2012

We drove home on Thursday and decided to wait until the next day to clean the bikes. And they were very much in need of cleaning! Here are our wheels--dusty from 2 days on the trail.
 While this is not the dirtiest my mountain bike has been, it's pretty bad.
This trailer is actually green under all the dust. we unloaded everything from the trailer and spread it out on the back lawn and got to work.
Alison and Francis were not home, so we unloaded their bikes and cleaned them too. Bill cleaned all the chains, some of which looked like they had never been cleaned before! It sure shows when they've been lubed with the wrong stuff. Or not lubed at all.

Erika and Laura and I cleaned the bike frames. It took a while, but we got it all done. Then Bill loaded Toby's bike and the tandem in the truck to take them to the bike shop for repairs. We'd like to make sure the tandem's handlebars don't fall off again! And Erika had complained about the shifting.

As always, it was good to get home.

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