Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer 2012, What we do when not biking.

The guys and I paddled our kayaks down the river and into Lake Erie, around the shore to Newport Michigan. It was a good time--we try to do different routes now and then... like biking, we don't want to keep following the same paths.
Otis and Dick look happy to be out on the water--who wouldn't be. It was the perfect day for it.
Bill and I were in our trusty old boats. We all stayed within sight of one another as we paddled along, watching the waterfowl and the goings-on on shore.
Fred went out to check on some keep out signs... there was some surveillance equipment on shore that was not there last year. Border Patrol at work I suppose...

We've been out sailing a lot, including sailing down to watch fireworks at Lake Erie Metro Park, where we anchored out, ate and drank, and spent the night before heading home. We had my niece Cassandra with us, her first time sailing. It was more work than she expected!

She stayed an extra day and night and we took her kayaking out on the river. It was a great morning for it--the water was as smooth as glass as you can see above.

One of our sailing trips last month included going through Detroit to the Edison Boat Club where Bill teaches sailing every week. On the way there we passed the old Boblo excursion boats, pretty derelict now. They are trying to raise money to restore them. When I was a kid it was always a treat to take to Boblo boat to Boblo Island, a local amusement park. The park is long shut down now, and there are million-dollar homes built on the island. We still kayak out there sometimes to take a look around.

There was a lot of air that night at the boat club and the small boats that the students sail with their instructors got to do some races out on the river with the bigger boats racing nearby.

We found a new place to swim this year, and we anchor out and jump off the boat. It is only 3 or 4 feet deep and quite warm. It's our new favorite place to sail with the family. On this particular Sunday we sailed out in good time, but had to motor back due to poor wind conditions. I waded out with camera in hand to get this shot. I think I should get a waterproof camera next time... 

Last weekend the replica Nina and Pinta boats were in Wyandotte, just up the river from us. So we sailed on up there to see them. It's amazing that these (relatively) small boats traversed the ocean to get to our shores so long ago.

After we cruised by the boats a couple of times we set our sails and went all the way around the island of Grosse Ile instead of just going back downriver the way we came. The wind was perfect for this trip, something we seldom do. Alison and the kids came out to shore and waved as we went by. It was great fun. 

So, on to the next adventure!

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