Monday, August 13, 2012

July 29--wasn't that a party!

For my birthday I wanted to have the party I never had when I was 10 years old... and we did!  Bill and the kids planned it; the food was catered, the cake from Kroger, the drinks purchased by them... all I had to do was be there!

My friend Dianne came in from Florida and we managed to get caught in a downpour on the way back from our 50 miles bike ride... such is life. This was a day before the party.
The day of the party the weather was perfect! Sunny and in the 80s. We had people from all facets of my life--old friends and new, neighbors, classmates from elementary school, running biking and swimming buddies, people from work, relatives of course... 71 guests altogether. Thankfully it did not rain that day!

Flamingos were the theme of the party, due to a comment Lucas made a year ago--Erika ordered the cake, and Lucas and Vicki gave me this cool shirt--it even has this blog on it!
Dianne brought me a flamingo hat, but it had a little tear and needed to be mended.... so I left it in the house! Wouldn't you know it--Otis brought me one just like it and I had to put it on my head! The little kids loved it... me? well, not so much.
Above you see me between my 2 closest cousins--Mary Beth on the left and Kat on the right. We have photos of us together all of our lives.
Chris, on the left, Kat and I swim together.
Daughter Alison, daughter-in-law Vicki and the three youngest grandchildren--guess where the youngest is!
Biking buddies gathered together.
Here is Dianne from FL (above).

My son in law took the kids out on the river to go tubing, while others just jumped off the dock. Everyone was soaked and happy!
My sister Rana and brother Jim were here, and I was happy to see them, as always.... Rose was recovering from a knee replacement, Joan was at home in FL and Gus was AWOL. I love them all anyway!
Bill and I were able to take a break to be photographed... we had plenty of food left and shared it with those who stayed to help clean up. What a great day! Thank you everyone! 

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