Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sailing the North Channel, day 11. August 30, 2012

We knew last night when we went to bed that today would be very windy--it was crazy! If it had been like this yesterday we would not have been out on the water. The wind was a steady 30 KPH, with gusts up to 50. We felt like a small boat on big water yesterday--today would have been impossible in the 6-8 foot waves! We were very glad to be in the safe harbor. We went to breakfast at the Italian Restaurant/coffee shop right next to the boat and I tried to blog. I could not load photos--same thing that happened in Little Current. Erika tried to help, but to no avail.

I took a few parting shots of the harbor today--very picturesque...

We started packing up to get ready to go home... Bill walked over and got the truck and we loaded everything that we did not need for tonight or tomorrow morning. We had planned to take down the sails today but it was far too windy. Erika Toby and I went shopping, but there was not a lot that I wanted to buy.

For dinner we got pizza to go--we wanted to finish the wine and gin we had on the boat... Afterwards we tossed the infamous Skin-so-Soft oil in the box. What was left of it anyway--it had leaked earlier in the week and we had to put my duffle bag and the cushion that it leaked on outside in a plastic bag for the rest of the journey. The smell was that strong! We brought it along to repel black flies, because of its reputation as the only chemical that works against those little buggers.

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