Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sailing the North Channel, day 12. August 31, 2012.

After breakfast on the boat we took down the screecher and jib (sails) and bagged them up. Then we emptied the boat of our personal stuff and put the boom and mainsail in the cabin in preparation for taking down the mast. I walked up to get the truck, we loaded it, then Bill, Erika and Toby took the boat to the pumpout station while I drove around to the launch. I had to kill time so I took a photo of the bare boat across the harbor--she looks very different sans sails!

I met them at the launching ramp, we loaded the boat on the trailer and drove through the busy parking area to find a quieter spot to take the mast down--we attracted a lot of attention driving around like this!

The lowering of the mast went well... while we were getting ready to lower it, a man drove up in the white BMW in the photo below and parked right beside us. He thought it would be safer for his car there than in the more congested parking area we had just driven through. Several people stopped by to comment on our procedure. As I mentioned earlier, there are not a lot of trimarans around here.

We were on the road a little after noon. There was a bit of a line at the Blue Water Bridge, but it did not take long to get across. We drew a pleasant man at the customs booth on the US side, and arrived home just before dark.  We're glad to be here--now we can get ready for the next adventure!

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