Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sailing the North Channel, day 8. August 27, 2012.

We were not in a big hurry this morning since we didn't have far to go. We headed back out the way we came in, catching the noon bridge opening. We had 22 miles to go, from Little Current to a remote nook called Covered Portage.

Bill likes it when someone else takes the tiller, giving him time to rest, or to reset the points on the GPS.

We passed the Little Current lighthouse and then the wind came up! We sailed back the way we had come, passing Bale Fine on the way. When we were almost to Killarney we dropped the sails as we headed into Portage Cove--oops! We were supposed to be at Covered Portage!  So much for setting the GPS--Covered Portage is so small that it is not in the database! We found our way there via paper charts.

 There was a small opening to pass through to get there. We found a spot and dropped anchor. There were a few other boats there, including this very large power boat coming in behind us.

This was another very quiet spot. We had dinner and drinks, and Toby went for a swim in the warm (for Lake Huron) water. There are rocky cliffs all around us except for the passage back out into Georgian Bay.

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Melanie Daryl said...

You sure know how to read charts and maps! Well, this knowledge can come in handy when your GPS fails you. And yes, being on water slows time. It calms your soul and makes you feel that you are closer to nature. As the song says, “We get there fast and then we’ll take it slow.” :-)