Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sailing the North Channel, day 9. August 28, 2012.

We awoke to a quiet morning, ate breakfast and drank our coffee. Bill inflated the dinghy so we could go ashore and hike. He chose to stay with the boat, since we had anchor issues overnight--the wind shifted around and we moved a tad too close to shore... had to reposition ourselves and reset the anchor.

It's a 2 person dinghy, so Erika and I took the seats and Toby, with life jacket on, swam toward shore. We towed him in when he got tired! Troika is the boat on the right, as seen from shore.

We pulled the dinghy in and took our shoes and cameras out of the water-tight container and were ready to go----except Toby forgot his shoes! We sent him paddling back to the boat to get them.  Then we pocketed our snacks, water and cameras and started our hike.

It was quite a climb up the rocks, but the view from above was worth it! We could see Troika below us and waved at Bill from our rocky perch.

We took a snack and water break and decided to continue on to the next outcropping of rock, a little higher than the first, and closer to the portal into Georgian Bay.

A chartered sailing cruise came by and waved and took our photos from below, and then they cruised by Bill in the Troika--there are not a lot of trimarans around here and everyone is rather curious.

While we were at the farthest reach of our hike Toby was the first to see the bald eagle circling the cliffs--too far away to photograph, but an awesome sight nonetheless.

We hiked back down to shore, and Toby put on his lifejacket to make his way to the boat. We all put our shoes and cameras in the dinghy and Erika pushed the dinghy while I swam out to the boat. It's really quite nice to swim here as long as we keep our feet up--there is about a foot of soft mucky stuff at the bottom, which is why our anchor slipped last night. We had supper and a drink, and called it a night.

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