Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Florida with the kids: April 2, 2013

Today was LegoLand Day! Both boys play with Legos all the time--my basement is a Lego haven.... so this was tops on their list.  It was a 90 minute drive, so we got an early start.

We paused to take photos at the entrance. The first thing we did was get in line for the Island in the Sky. Adam decided he did not want to go up so high, so Toby and I soared while Dianne and Adam went to the Lego Factory.

Toby wanted to go on the roller coasters and Adam did not, so we split up and each kid got to do what he wanted. Adam wanted to go into the playscape, which was was three stories tall, and when I did not see him for a while I got worried and started searching... When I could not find him one of the helpers called out on the radio. He was right outside the playscape at the games area. I was not sure how he got past me, but he did and they were so efficient finding him!

There were large displays of Star Wars scenes and replicas of famous places in the US. We enjoyed them all.

Toby went on all the roller coasters. He also did bumper boats, where he bumped a lot of boats!

We had planned to see Adam's uncle today, because he lives nearby, but the kids (and the adults!) were so tired that we all just wanted to go home. So we did.

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