Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Florida with the kids: April 3, 2013

The second most important thing on this week's list was to go to Clearwater Aquarium and see Winter, the dolphin without a tail. We took Adam to see the movie last year, his first non-animated movie.

We saw Winter in her tank, as well as many other marine creatures that have been rescued. Some are rehabilitated and returned to their natural homes, but others, like Winter, will finish their days at the aquarium. She did not have her prosthetic tail on when we were there.

After the aquarium tour we got on the trolley to go to the movie set. Adam was afraid of the hurricane simulator, but Toby was thrilled. Go figure!

We took the trolley back to where we parked the car and went to lunch at Crabby Bill's. 

When we got back to Dianne's house we all watched the movie about Winter.I did not know when we came here that Toby had never seen the movie! It was good to have some down time.

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