Friday, May 24, 2013

May 24, 2013. Travel day: Little Rock, AR to Nashville, TN

Last night at dinner Ken and Lee told us we could drive from Little Rock to Nashville in 5 hours... the women said it would be more like 7. For us it was almost 8 hours, the last hour in stopped traffic. Oh well, we made it here to Nashville, playing Scrabble all the way here. One more day and we'll be home!

Today is Dianne's birthday. I gave her a card this morning, and Ed bought her lunch this afternoon We also have a little something on tap for her when we get back to Michigan to celebrate this MILESTONE birthday.

We stopped at FedEx on the way out of North Little Rock and the bikes are on their way to Kimball, NE for our next adventure. We all had one last dinner together, since Ed will be leaving us in the morning.

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damonster said...

Happy birthday mom!! Glad you're doing something you love with friends on your birthday.