Monday, May 27, 2013

May 25, 2013. Nashville, TN to Grosse Ile, MI. 530 miles.

We said goodbye to Ed this morning. He is heading for Denver and we pointed north to return to Michigan. Dianne is still with us, and will be until Saturday when we leave on the next adventure.

We all consider this trip an unqualified success! When will we ever again be able to ride 444 miles of paved road with no stop signs or traffic lights, no potholes, minimal auto traffic and zero truck traffic! My guess would be NEVER.

We arrived home in time for a late supper, leaving the bulk of the unloading for the next day. I was thrilled to see that Francis (son in law) had cut the grass within the last day or so. Lovely. What a great end to a great trip.

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