Friday, August 9, 2013

August 1, 2013. Marine on St. Croix to Hudson, WI. 19 miles.

We tried to "load 'em up" early for this long day... Rex sounded the horn and we were off.

It was a hot day and the wind was at our backs. Not a bad way to go. Several people got out their squirt guns today and the was was on!

We passed under a high train bridge, then stopped at a sandbar for our morning break. We paddled past floating porta-johns and the lovely town of Stillwater, MN.

We arrived at Hudson. left our boats on the beach, and camped right next to the river. There was a bus to take us to hot showers, and supper was on our own.

Bill and I ate at Bob Smith's Sports Club. It seems like this is the only time we've been alone together in days! Supper was very good, and the place was full of Rumblers by the time we left.

We bought ice and returned to our tent where we watched the sailboats on the river and the hot air balloonss overhead in the distance. Life is good.

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