Friday, August 9, 2013

August 2, 2013. Hudson to Prescott, WI. 17 miles.

We loaded up the boats and got on the river early.There were a few hot air balloons out again this morning.

Now that we are in deeper busier water, our safety boats are out with us. They warn other power boats to slow down and/or go wide around us, and they are there in case anyone gets into trouble in the deeper water.

We had a sandbar break in the morning, and our lunch break was on a lovely sandy beach.

The wind was at our backs again today, but we paddled through some wide still water. As we neared Prescott the St. Croix River became narrower and faster, then finally we passed under a bridge and we were in the Mississippi River!

We pulled into Prescott and hauled the boats up a hill to Jacques Landing, then walked to our campground across the railroad tracks, several blocks away and up a large hill.

There were hot showers at the school across the street from where we camped in a city park.We walked out to dinner and met up with Meg (from Michigan) at the restaurant so we invited her to our table. Don came in later and joined us. It was a good time and very good food. Again we beat the rush and there were crowds of Rumblers and locals waiting for tables by the time we left.

Trains scream through town at the rate of about 3 per hour. We hear them very well from our tent.

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