Friday, August 9, 2013

July 29, 2013. Sunrise Ferry, WI to Taylors Falls, MN. 18 miles.

It took hours for all of us to get back to the landing this morning, one busload at a time.

There are a lot of deer ticks here... At the morning meeting Rex presented Greg with this shirt. Hopefully we won't need to call on his expertise!

It was a calm morning on the St. Croix, with fewer rocks than yesterday.Several people dumped their boats while launching in the slippery mud, but Bill and I made it onto the river just fine. I am still wearing a splint to paddle and load.

Our morning break was on a nice sandbar. We have been paddling near the beginning of the crowd, giving us a little longer rest than those at the end. Some paddlers just stay in their boats, but we like to walk around, stretch, and have a snack whenever we can.

Our lunch stop was at Wild River Park. They are very concerned about invasive species in this river, and we all had to wash our boats before bringing them here. I guess we'll have to wash them again before we put them back in the water at home!

At the end of today's paddle we had to put all the boats on trailers--there is a dam at Taylor's falls. The Rumble arranged for Taylors Falls Canoe Rental to haul our boats and bus us to the campground at MN Interstate park, which, as the name implies, is a state park on both the MN and  WI sides of the river.

As soon as the tent was set up I took off for Potholes Park to see the world's deepest naturally occurring potholes. Really. I took a tour and climbed up to the bluff to look down on the river and riverboat far below. I also went through "the squeeze" a narrow formation within the park.

There were several groups of rock climbers in the park. If you look closely at the top of the first photo below, you can see the climbers before I zoomed in to take a closer photo.

I took a rumble shower, we ate dinner, and then spent some time with our old friend John, a veteran of some of the same rumbles we have been on.

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