Friday, August 9, 2013

Ready to Rumble. July 25-27, 2013.

Bill and I allowed extra time for the drive to Grantsburg, WI. It was too long to do in a day (18 hours or so), so we allowed 2 days. Good thing too!  When we reached Mackinaw City the air conditioner compressor started making bad noises... A while later we stopped on the roadside and took out its fuse because I could smell something burning and Bill determined the compressor clutch was seized.. We were still worried so we hauled for Escanaba where we thought there might be a Dodge dealer.

There was indeed a dealer and we went there first thing Friday morning. They were able to get us in right away. Only problem: they did not have an air compressor clutch, but could have one by Monday.... so we had them replace the compressor (they had one on the shelf).They loaned us a car to go to the grocery store while they worked on the truck. 

We drove across Michigan's upper peninsula into Wisconsin, arriving at Grantsburg before dinner. We had a lovely dinner and stayed at a small motel not far from Grantsburg.  Saturday morning we drove to the launching spot and unloaded kayak, tent, cooler, and baggage. Unlike bike trips, the Rumble encourages its participants to bring coolers and big plastic containers.Everything that had been in the kayak was drenched from the torrential rains we drove through last night and today so I hung out our PFDs and other gear to dry.

Bill left me at the launch and drove the 120 miles to Red Wing, MN, the endpoint of our 7-day kayak trip.I spent most of the day alone, although the landing chair, Lynn, brought me her car so I could go to lunch. Soon enough the trucks and kayaks began arriving and the crew (including Bill) unloaded over 100 boats.

Bill and I camped at the launch along with 2 other men and an 8-year old. The rest of the Rumblers spent the night at the fairgrounds. Some of them set up their tents in the livestock buildings since it rained almost continuously all afternoon.

We got a ride to the fairgrounds to check in, then walked to a nearby restaurant for dinner. After arriving back at our lonely campsite we walked down to see our launching spot for the morning.

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