Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The ides of July

Here we are in mid-July already and I am still not on the bike... Bill, Diana and I went out in the kayaks though, and it worked OK with the splint.

Thursday noonish Bill and I took off for a sailing adventure. Detroit looks pretty nice from the water!

We motored up to the Edison Boat Club (could not sail--wind was right on the nose). That's what happened last time we made this trip too! Bill taught his sailing class and then we had dinner and spent the night on the boat.

The wind was a little more favorable on the way home; we sailed about half of the time and motor-sailed the rest of the way. We saw the Boblo Boats on the way home. Every couple of years they try to revive them.

We took down the sails and pulled into Portofino in Wyandotte for lunch. It was difficult for me to pull sails, but not impossible.

After lunch we made the 2 PM bridge opening and enjoyed watching a lone kayaker paddling around under the bridge.

I finally tried out the swimming splint over the weekend and that worked well. This morning a freighter came by under the lowering clouds... we all went out on the dock to watch it.

So life goes on without biking.... I see the doc on Friday and perhaps he will remove some of the restrictions.

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Teri said...

No stopping you. Glad you are able to do some stuff, even with restrictions. Bet you'll be glad to get rid of your cast...hopefully soon. Hugs