Sunday, September 1, 2013

Summer in Michigan

Sunday afternoon we always sail with the family; this week (August 11) we took Alison, Delia, and Adam. Everyone got a chance to drive the boat, and those of us big enough to do so raised and lowered sails as needed. We dropped the anchor and swam for a while before we headed back up river to home.

Tuesday August 20 I had a date to kayak on the river with some friends. Bill helped us launch and took Adam out for a short paddle.

 My old friend Julie came, and Eileen--one of my hand therapists (in the green shirt).

Otis, my biking friend and my cousin Mark from Texas paddled with us. We went through the cut at the north end of Grosse Ile, and down the Detroit River to the Grosse Ile light house.

On August 24 another boat came to live at our docks.... Erika bought a sailboat and she and Bill and Bryan launched it at the park and sailed it home. This is how we spend our summer here! Life is good.

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