Monday, February 24, 2014

February 23, 2014

It was sunny and bright at 7:30 AM when Jan showed up at the door on her daily walk.Here are the two sisters, Dianne and Jan. I will get to meet the third sister this summer. Can't wait!

As soon as Jan left we got on our bikes and headed to Dunedin to meet the bike club for the Sunday ride. I was much more energetic today, having finally slept last night! We arrived at the meeting point and talked with Barry, whom I met last year, and Pam, who took our photo the first day at lunch.

Today's ride started on the Pinellas Trail, my favorite place to ride around here. There were about 60 cyclists, and a dozen went off to "ride fast" while the rest of us got on the Trail. I always forget that "fast" is a relative term... Dianne and I were at the tail end of the group. We were going a steady 20 MPH when the larger group pulled away from us. This view of everyone's backside is what I saw during this ride, but we had to stop at a red light to be able to take their photo! We were headed into the wind (again) and Dianne told me we would have a tailwind on the way back. I was skeptical about that; we always have a headwind!

Once we got into Tarpon Springs we had to stop for some traffic and the group ahead of us disappeared from sight. I knew Dianne could have caught up to them--they all ride 12 months a year unlike this Michigander, but she stayed with me. (We caught up to them at the rest stop). After the rest stop we headed back the way we had come, and into a headwind again. I don't know how it can be that we always have a headwind... must be a Florida thing.

At Tarpon Springs we found a lost cyclist as we were getting on the Pinellas Trail to head home. His name is Bob and he is from Buffalo, NY. We rode with him on the trail until we took the cutoff to go home--he had left his car at the meeting point. We took each other's photos and then went our separate ways.

Then it was home and dinner, the end of another warm sunny day in Palm Harbor, FL.

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