Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February 26, 2014

Dianne went to play tennis this morning, then came back for me so I could swim while she went to the gym. After lunch we packed up the car and headed to Sarasota. We had a little problem with her bike rack--one of the brackets broke. So we put my bike inside the car, Dianne's bike in the bracket that had not broken, and headed for Sarasota, about a 90 minute drive.

As we were driving down I-75 I heard something go tink-tink on the roof, not a very loud sound, but I told Dianne I thought something moved on the bike rack. Of course she did not hear a thing, thus decided not to stop and  check it.  When we got to the hotel and I got out of the car, I looked at her bike on top of the car--it was still there, but lying on its side instead of standing up in its brackets! The other bracket had broken and the only thing holding the bike on top of the car was the strap around the back tire! Fortunately the wind was from the east so the bike fell onto the roof instead of dangling off the side.

I had run out of books to read, so after checking in we went to a really cool used book store in downtown Sarasota and we each bought books. Then we went to see the movie "The Book Thief". This was the first time in our long friendship that we went to see a movie--we both liked the movie, and plan to see another tomorrow. This was part of the reason we came here--the $2 theater is showing movies that we both wanted to see, and there is a lovely bike ride here that we plan to do tomorrow.

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