Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February 25, 2014

This is Tuesday, so we went for a bike ride. We had planned to ride out to Tarpon Springs and then stop to see Dianne's friend Pat, a cyclist who recently had a knee replacement. We did just that, meeting Pam along the way, also as planned.

We went to Spring Bayou to see if the manatees were in, and they were not. It was quite warm, already in the 70s when we were there, and they usually only come into the bayou in cooler temperatures. We stopped in Tarpon Springs and took a few photos, and took the scenic route to Pat's to make sure we did not get there too early.

We arrived at Pat's and had a nice visit, seeing photos of her grandchildren, her lovely home, and the recumbent bike on a trainer. She is spending a few minutes a day on the bike, but is only 4 weeks past her knee replacement and is still suffering pain and swelling.  Here she is between Dianne and Pam, all 3 members of Suncoast Cycling.

We arrived home in time for lunch, total of 35 miles. After lunch we played Scrabble, did laundry, and got ready for a trip to Sarasota, planned for tomorrow.

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