Monday, June 16, 2014

June 11. Travel day.

We left our cabin this morning and drove first to Hot Springs, where we stopped at Wanda's Finds. I have been looking for a horse sculpture and she had a lot of them! Here's Wanda at the front of her store.

There is an old jail in Hot Springs. We decided we should have planned to spend more time here--there is so much to see!

The Mammoth Sits is just outside Hot Springs. Here they have found the remains of 61 Columbian and Wooly Mammoths and countless wolves, camels, giant bears and smaller animals. It is the largest mammoth dig in the world. They built a roof over the dig, and people can sign up to take part in the excavation. We did not dig, just looked.

Then we started the long drive to Oskaloosa, KS, stopping overnight in Nebraska.

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