Saturday, June 28, 2014

June 27, 2014. Kingston to Lexington, MI. 43 Miles.

The last day of the PALM is usually short; last year it was only 20 miles. We packed up and left Kingston around 7:45, Bill in the truck and Tom and I on bikes. We did not stop much along the way--once when Tom dropped his chain and once to check Bill's text to find out where he left the truck. After Tom got in the truck I stopped at the next SAG stop to refill water and took this photo--the parents and older girl are on the triple bike with the baby in the trailer. They said next year the little one will be on the back of their tandem on a recumbent tagalong bike and the older girls will be on her own bike. It's fun seeing all the various configurations of bikes! This truly is a family ride.

I stopped in Croswell and viewed the famous swing bridge and had a cookie at the Chamber of Commerce booth.

This sign was at Croswell. I have walked across the Mackinac Bridge, Swinging Bridge, and Blue Water Bridge and cycled across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Soon I was entering Lexington, the end of this ride. I found Bill and Tom, we loaded the bikes and skipped the end-of-ride parade. We drove to Port Huron for lunch and headed home. It will be great to sleep in our own beds tonight!

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