Saturday, June 28, 2014

June 26, 2014. Flushing to Kingston, MI. 56 Miles.

First thing this morning Bill lubed my pedals. Every time I ride in the rain I clean and lube the chain afterwards--why didn't I think to lube the pedals too? (Of course they worked fine after being lubed.) It was sunny and warm with a light breeze ths morning--perfect weather for a bike ride! Gillie's Coney Island offered free popsicles to the first 280 riders, but who wants a popsicle at 8 AM? Not me. We stopped anyway and I wished it was lunchtime because it was a very nice place.

The man next to Tom in the covered wagon is counting the cyclists as they come by. We were numbers 101 and 102.

There were a lot of hills again today, and when I got to Mayville I was very happy to see the stand the United Methodist Church had sponsored. They offered fruit and cookies, granola bars and cupcakes, and water. There even was a cheering section welcoming all the cyclists to Mayville!

After Mayville it was a long haul to the Licorice Lady and I was glad to see her. She always has the last stop of the day. I did not eat any licorice, but had a much needed break in a comfortable chair. I am ready for a rest day! This is our last night of camping; we set up the tents and went to the local bar for lunch. Showers were excellent, but I am ready to be done. 

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