Saturday, July 12, 2014

July 12, 2014. Kingston to Trenton, ON. 79 Miles.

This day started out warm and sunny and never changed. There was enough of a breeze to cool us off, perfect cycling weather! About 7 miles into the ride we were routed onto a gravel bike path. It was great fun--like riding in the Metroparks it made me feel like a kid! Below are me, Caryn, Ann (from FL)  and Jo; we all went down the path together.

After we got off the second short section of bike path we got onto the Loyalist Parkway, which was quite busy, and stayed there most of the rest of the day. We rode along the lakeshore, seeing constant views of Lake Ontario's bays. Below is a view from the small town of Bath, where we had a SAG stop.

At the 37 mile point of our day we approached the Glenora Ferry. The SAG car was there and we had been told of the clean washrooms and drinking water available, so we were kind of milling around the building when some of our group started talking with some other cyclists. I thought she looked familiar, so I asked the one "is your name Noreen?" and she answered affirmatively and looked at me very strangely until I told her who I was.... it was Noreen from my cross country bike trip in 2008! We were astounded by the coincidence of seeing each other there! Here she is on my right, below, with one of her cycling friends in the background. What a small world it is!


We headed into the small town of Picton, where there were many restaurants and art galleries, and wall-to-wall traffic. That had been suggested as a good lunch stop but we couldn't get out of there fast enough. We stopped at a bike shop in Bloomfield, and pushed on to Wellington for lunch. By then I was past hungry! Dianne, Ann and I had lunch at an outdoor table at a little diner just outside town.

There was another SAG at around 63 miles. Tracy was our SAG driver today, and found a great spot in the shade. Here she is, second from left. The others are Lorna, Joanne (from PA) and Ann (NJ). Later on down the road we found NJ Ann beside the road with a green chair. She had found it beside the road and was waiting for the SAG car to come by so she could salvage it for the group. Dianne and I were getting rather tired by then... this was the longest day of this tour and the longest I have ridden this year so far.

We finally arrived after a crazy last few miles--after being on the same road most of the day we had 10 turns in the last 3 miles! We played Scrabble outside at a picnic table until time for dinner, which was great! Salmon, rice, veggies with coconut sauce, spinach and strawberry salad and chocolate mousse for dessert!

After dinner Ann demonstrated her great find. It took a few tries to get it right! Cy (in the background) ran the map meeting for tomorrow, which quickly got out of control... A group of women was singing so I shared my song with the group:

To the tune of "Daisy, Daisy"

Ladies, ladies, get on your bikes, please do.
People think we're crazy for doing what we do,
No, we are not racing as wind and hills we're facing.
But we look strong as we ride along
Around Lake Ontario.

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