Friday, July 11, 2014

July11, 2014. Sackets Harbor, NY to Kingston, ON. 37 Miles.

We passed a couple of interesting places on our way out of Sackets Harbor, including an old military cemetery. I would have liked to stop there... The terrain was rolling hills, not as steep as yesterday's. We stopped at the village of Dexter to see the waterfalls.

We passed a dead turtle on the road, but the poor thing was nowhere near the sign that might have protected it.

We knew the ferry from Cape Vincent to Wolfe Island left on the bottom of the hour, so when we arrived at 10:35 we took our time getting to the dock. There were chairs set up all along the street for tomorrow's French Festival Parade. We had snacks and drinks at a little café then went to the ferry dock where today's SAG Lorna (from WA) was waiting to make sure all her little lambs (the riders) made it safely onto the ferry.

Above are Tracy, Peggy, Lorna and Sue. The ferry was right on time.

We talked to a few people on the ferry and one of them took our photo. Below you can see Dianne, Peggy, me, Sue, and Tracy. Peggy realized as soon as the ferry left the dock that she'd left her helmet at the SAG stop, so she did not depart the ferry with the rest of us.

Customs was not a problem. The agent looked at our passports and our faces, asked a few questions and let us go. There was a group of people being detained there, and their truck had a Texas license plate; we knew we had to take them seriously at the border.

We had a beautiful ride on Wolfe's Island. The terrain was gently rolling, the sun was shining, and there was enough breeze to keep the blades turning at the large windmill farm we passed.

We arrived at the small town of Marysville and found the ferry schedule--the next one was due at 1:15 and it was only 12:30 so we went to lunch. There was quite a lineup of cars waiting for the ferry. I talked to a man we knew from the first ferry and he had been in line for an hour and had not made it on to the previous ferry. Those of us on bikes did not have to wait.

There was quite a crowd of us on the boat! Here we are all, except for Ann (from NJ) who opted out of our photo.
Now we are in Kingston, Ontario, which was the base of the Ontario division of the Great Lakes British Naval fleet during the War of 1812. It was also the first capital of Canada, from 1841 to 1844.

We did laundry and played Scrabble until time for dinner. Since we crossed a state line it was margarita time! Tour leader Cy mixed the margaritas and our chef Sue prepared make-your-own burritos. 

I am not sure if I bored the rest of the group, amused them, or enlightened them, but I told them the simple way to convert Celsius temperatures to Fahrenheit, and warned them not to wear their winter booties and gloves when the weather channel tells them it's going to be 25 degrees out!

After the meeting Cy dismissed us so we could attend the festival going on downtown, but I've had enough fun for today.

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