Friday, July 18, 2014

July 18, 2014. Niagara Falls, ON to Brockport, NY. 72 Miles.

We were so close to the falls that we decided to take a short detour this morning and see them. We were not the only ones with that idea!

After our photo session we got on the Rainbow Bridge and it was but a short ride to the US. I thought Rainbow was an odd name for a bridge until we looked over at the falls from the span. Now it all makes sense!

US Customs officers did not give any of our group any grief, just looked at our passports, asked the obligatory few questions and passed us on. We rode through Niagara Falls, NY, which is just a small town on the border, not at all like its sister city across the river. At mile 11 we entered the Tuscarora Indian Nation; we did not stop while on the reservation. Right after we were back on US land Lorna had a sag set up at a little restaurant and Dianne, Ann and I had a breakfast sandwich. 

We crossed the Erie Canal in Lockport, then saw it off and on through the rest of the day. At mile 43 we entered the town of Medina. I enjoyed seeing the old buildings made of red Medina sandstone. I remembered them from the Erie Canal Ride I did in the 90s.

We finally stopped for lunch in Albion after riding 53 miles. I was more than ready, and picked the Village Restaurant--it was a good choice! The food was very good, as was the service. Here we are, fat dumb and happy after our meal: Ann, Caryn, me, Dianne, and Joanne.

It was a short and sweet 15 miles to the end of the ride, parts of it alongside the Erie Canal. We could see cyclists on the tow path on the other side of the canal. We took a detour into Brockport to go to the bike shop where I showed the young mechanic my bike computer fully expecting to have to replace it, and he fixed it on the spot! What a great thing that was! We stopped at a book store, had an ice cream cone, and headed to the hotel. On the way there we saw 2 women walking their little horses on the sidewalk. The horses are being trained to be service animals! Imagine that!

We crossed a state line today, so in keeping with the Woman Tours tradition Cy, our fearless leader, made margaritas for all of us. Dinner was great, and we spent a little time talking about what a great tour it has been.

After the map talk NJ Ann, the famous roadside picker, presented Cy with a tie, insisting that Cy's next assignment (Maine) would be much more formal. Of course she picked up the tie on the road today.

We all sang the "ladies get on your bikes" song, and the Erie Canal song and then the "peletones", the group who sang all week while riding, presented their new composition: "the 12 days of cycling", complete with gestures (hand and otherwise). This has been a remarkable tour!


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