Thursday, September 4, 2014

September 2-3, 2014. En route to the Gaspe Peninsula.

Dianne flew into Detroit Sunday afternoon Sept. 1, and then we went out to dinner with Erika, Toby, Alison, Francis, Adam, Delia and Zane to celebrate Alison and Francis's September birthdays. We were up dark and early Tuesday morning and went to breakfast with Tom, Pat, Otis and Dick. After breakfast we all met at our house to leave for our latest adventure. Dick came along to take our photo.

Left to right: Otis, Dianne, Tom, me, Bill, Diana, Doris and Fred. It was Otis's turn to get the shirts and we are all thrilled with our new tech shirts! We drove 360 miles on Tuesday, then stopped at the grocery store in Havelock, Ontario. We bought tons of food while Tom went to the LCBO and bought a couple of bottles of wine. We were invited to stay at the home of Dianne's friend Jean, who lives just outside Havelock. We decided that since she was gracious enough to invite 8 people to stay there, the least we could do is bring dinner! This is Jean in front of her lovely home on Round Lake.


Otis went out back and peeled the corn, then he grilled the shish kebobs while Diana and I cooked the green beans and corn and heated the rolls. We had a wonderful dinner, enjoying Jean's homemade wine! We had apple pie and Boston cream pie for dessert. We sat around the table for hours... what a great time! We had breakfast and coffee with Jean in the morning, and walked around her place a little.

Doris took our photo with Jean on the deck of her home. Here is Fred, Dianne, Jean, Otis, Tom, Diana, Bill and me. I took a second photo with Doris in it--when I get home I'll try to figure out how to photo shop myself into that photo so we can all be in the same shot!

We left about 8:30 AM and drove 400 miles, stopping finally in Drummondville, Quebec. We stayed at a Dauphin Hotel. Tom and Otis were supremely pleased that there were robes in their closet. They even wore them to our room to share a pre dinner glass of wine! We all had dinner together at the hotel restaurant, and called it a night.

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