Friday, February 27, 2015

February 26, 2015. In Sunny Florida.

This morning we walked the 2 miles to McDonald's so I could do the blog--Dianne's computer is a dinosaur and I can't do it from there. One of our intended tasks during my visit is to get her a new computer!

After walking back from McDonald's we finally got on the bikes! It was not exactly business as usual; Dianne's tires were totally flat, her seat was out of line and the front wheel was loose. She filled the tires before we started but the other things became evident as we rode... We rode the bike lanes on the street until we got to the Pinellas Trail, then made our way on the trail to Dunedin for my favorite Florida lunch--a grilled grouper sandwich from the Sand Bar Grill.
This was a very big deal, since Dianne had not been on her bike since being hit by a car October 14. She was a little shaky starting out but very quickly got her legs back. 

It was chilly by Florida standards, but still 60 degrees warmer than it is at home.

After our ride (21 miles) we showered, did laundry, played Scrabble, then started working on next summer's Alaska bike trip. Yes, I can just about hear Kathie M saying "what next trip??? you're not done this one yet!... We booked the bike portion of the trip, looked at flights but did not book, had dinner and more Scrabble. What a great day!

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