Saturday, March 7, 2015

March 6, 2015. In Florida.

Not so sunny today, but that's OK. Dianne went to play tennis and I swam, as is usual for a Friday. After we showered and changed clothes we went to get my glasses fixed--I broke them yesterday (fortunately just a missing screw). Although it was good enough to get through the evening, I did not want to go to Scrabble Club with a paperclip holding them together!

We dropped off recycling, got the glasses fixed, and went home for lunch. Dianne called Jean (at whose house we stayed last fall in Ontario) to invite her for dinner tomorrow, but that was not a good date for her, so she is coming tonight.  We played 4 games at Scrabble Club, and as they were saying "see you next week" I said "see you next year". What a nice group!

We went home and got ready for Jean's visit. I cooked and Dianne went to the grocery store twice as we kept adding to the menu.

Jean was right on time, and we all shared cheese and crackers and wine before dinner. We had a wonderful visit, keeping one another laughing throughout the evening. I am so glad we got to see her!

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