Monday, May 18, 2015

May 11, 2015. Bungee jumping in Florida.

One of the things on Delia's list of things she wanted to do was riding a carousel. There is a big one at Citrus Park Mall, so we went there first thing Monday morning. There were also kiddie rides and bungee jumping!

The carousel did not open until 10:00 so she went on the kiddie cars, and then signed up for bungee jumping.

She really enjoyed it and we went back several times for additional sessions. When I told Delia that this was her last jump, Dianne paid for another round! How fun for one kid to have 2 grannies at the same time!

We all rode on the carousel multiple times, lower level and upper level. Dianne and I were disappointed that there was not a calliope playing, but Delia didn't care--she was just happy to be there..

The last time we rode it, we went in a spinning booth.  Delia thought it was great fun, and kept it spinning the whole time. I hated it--she is still laughing about that. If I look a little pale, it's because I was dizzy from the spinning...

Later in the afternoon we went to Dianne's pool and spent hours swimming and playing there. She was definitely tired by the time we headed home for supper and bed.

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