Monday, May 18, 2015

May 12, 2015. Biking and Water Park.

Delia had asked last week if she could go biking with us. I found a couple of bike rental places in Dunedin that advertised that they rented kids' bikes.  I borrowed Dianne's sister Jan's bike, we loaded it and Dianne's bike into the back of the car and drove to Dunedin. Neither of the shops had a small enough bike for Delia--they had rental bikes for big kids. Guess you gotta ask the right questions!

We got back in the car, drove to Target and bought a bike. Does she need another bike? Probably not, but we are trying to do everything that was on her list...

It's a pretty cool bike, silver and blue (matches mine!) but it was in the box unassembled. The bike assembler was not there, and we did not have tools, so we put it together in the aisle of the store using their tools. We pumped up the tires with an air pump on the sale rack... You make do.

We fit the bike in the car with the other bikes, put the box on top and drove back to the Pinellas Trail.

After all that, we rode only 2 1/2 miles on the trail and I did not take any photos. It was not the best ride we've ever had... About a mile into the ride Dianne turned around and went back to the car because she was worried we would not be done in time for her appointment at 2 PM. Delia's pedal fell off because we forgot to tighten it in the store and I had to ask for help on the trail since there were no tools on Jan's bike...

We  had lunch at my favorite spot in Dunedin (Sandbar), then went home for a couple of hours.  In the afternoon we went back to Dunedin to the kids' splashpark and it was quite refreshing. It's been in the 90s every day and we Michiganders are not used to the heat.

We stopped for ice cream, went home and played Frozen Scrabble and had dinner. Another busy day--we are already wearing Dianne out!

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