Monday, May 18, 2015

May 13, 2015. Mermaids!

Today was the big day! We started out early for the long drive to Weeki Wachee Springs and the live mermaid show!  Weeki Wachee started its mermaid shows in the 1930s, and it has been a constant attraction ever since. It is now a Florida State Park, which gives it additional funding.

The first show was not until 11:00 so we walked around the park. There are many mermaid themed attractions, and quite a number of peacocks walking around. We were lucky enough to be there at feeding time and Delia got to feed them.

We met up with Jan and her friends and went on a boat ride through the springs. This is a popular kayaking spot, and there is an outreach program in which elementary and high school students learn to kayak and to protect the ecosystem.

Finally it was time for the show! We were very fortunate that they are enacting "The Little Mermaid" (the Grimm Fairy tale not the Disney version).

The Little Mermaid danced and sang with her sisters, and met her handsome prince on her 15th birthday.

There was a friendly turtle and the wicked witch from the depths of the sea.

The witch was a little scary, but good won out over evil and there was a happy ending.

After the show we got to take a photo with a mermaid, but she was not one of the ones in the show.
We went to the animal show, and then had lunch.

Delia and I both got to pet an alligator!

There is an adjacent water park, but it is only open on weekends until school gets out--it's so hot here that we think it's summer! Delia and I swam in the spring until it started raining and then we loaded up and headed for home.

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