Saturday, June 27, 2015

June 24, 2015. Coldwater to Hudson, MI. 54 Miles.

We had breakfast at 6:30 as usual. They started serving earlier today because there are a lot of people doing the century ride (102 miles). We were asked to wait until those riders ate first, and that was fine. There has been enough food for all, and they can have their powdered eggs!

Dianne and Malorie are enjoying their time together. We have not heard a discouraging word; Malorie had never ridden 50 miles before and now she's ridden that distance several days in a row!

There was a stand set up right after our second water stop, where Amish families were selling cookies and brownies. The baked goods were delicious and the men were very curious about what we were doing. (The women and children smiled, but did not ask questions). I did not take photos of them because I remembered that they do not believe in being photographed.

Bill left the truck on a dirt road a little past halfway through the ride. We took a break there and ate some of Pat's (Tom's wife) fabulous chocolate chip cookies.

Martha, Toby and I ate at Karen's Uptown Kafe, in the old Masonic Temple on the main street of Hudson. Just as we ordered our drinks, Bill texted that he and Tom were at a bar a block away. We each stayed where we were, the three of us eating typical diner fare while Bill and Tom had a burger and a beer.

As we were getting on our bikes a woman from the PALM told us of a bike path that took us off the busy US-127 for the last mile or so and led right to the high school. That was sweet! The PALM organizers try to keep us off the busy roads, but sometimes it's not possible.

On the way to dinner a woman called us over to show us her invention. In the center of the swimming tube there is an ice pack. Martha tried it out and heaved a sigh of relief... it's pretty hard to sit on a bike seat day after day after day if you're not used to it!

Dianne and I played a few games of Scrabble and skipped the evening meeting. The oldest man on this tour (87 years old) rode the century ride today, but the oldest woman (83) did not. They are certainly excellent role models for all of us!

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