Saturday, June 27, 2015

June 25, 2015. Hudson to Dundee, MI. 53 Miles.

We were camped kind of far from the trailer last night, and Toby used his ingenuity to haul stuff to the trailer--many of the bags have wheels, so he made a train with my little red wagon in the lead and we all had to make less trips to the campsite.

We lined up for our usual morning photo. I started this day with my light jacket tied on, offered Martha a windbreaker but she refused.

Tom and I checked out this little trailer--very cute. Inside are cabinets and a large sleeping space. On the back is printed "I go where I'm towed to".

We started out with a light wind and heavy cloud cover. By the time we reached the first water stop it had started sprinkling so I put on my jacket. At the second stop, Ann Arbor Cycling Club had set up a cookie stand under the park canopy. That was fortunate because by then it was raining in earnest.

I called Bill from there to see where he was. He was already to Blissfield, but turned around to bring us our rain gear. As I put mine on in the trailer, I muttered "I hate rain gear" but minutes later was extremely glad to have it. It poured rain the rest of the ride.

The sag with the "ice man" was at a school and there was no shelter from the rain so we did not stay long. I added ice to my accelerade, as I have done every day at this stop, we took a few photos of our rain-soaked selves, and got back on the bikes.

Bill met us in Petersburg (he did not ride today) and we ate lunch at Papa's, where Tom, Diana and I (along with several other Downriver Cycling Club members) ate breakfast a couple of weeks ago on a club ride--we are getting close to home! At lunch we discussed how best to set up in the rain. Fortunately for all of us Tom had suggested we bring the canopy! I asked Bill to stop at the hardware store for a tarp.

We set up the canopy first, laid out the tarp and then hauled our stuff in the wagon to our site. The parking spot for personal SAGs was very far away. After we unloaded all our gear Bill moved the truck and trailer and we chilled out under the canopy. I had my Elvis umbrella handy for walks to the school and the trailer.

We set up our tents under the canopy, then moved them to their nearby sites and staked them down. By the time we were done it had stopped raining (of course). Dianne and Malorie arrived and set up their tents. It was a busy evening--Martha's family came to visit and took her to dinner while Toby, Malorie and I went swimming. It felt so good to be off the bike and moving different muscles that I swam 1200 yards before giving up because it was time for dinner!

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