Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 6, 2015. DTW to ANC.

Bill took us to the airport (DTW) at 7 this morning for our flight at 8:37. We arrived in Seattle at 10:30 local time, 1:30 Detroit time (playing 6 games of Scrabble en route). Just when the plane was ready to land Jennifer, the flight attendant that had asked Dianne about biking, brought us a care package for our bike adventure. How nice is that! She's a cyclist so she had a pretty good idea of what we would want or need on a long bike ride.

We ate fish tacos at a walkup place attached to a full service restaurant in the terminal. They were great!

Our flight from Seattle to Anchorage left on time, we played four more games of Scrabble and arrived in Anchorage around 3 PM (7 PM Detroit time). We picked up the rental car and drove to the bike shop where we plan to rent bikes this week. The man at the desk told us to come back after 5, so we went in search of the B and B Dianne booked. This is it--and it's very purple. There was a note on the door that check-in was at 5PM.

So we drove back downtown, already glad we decided at the last minute to rent a car! Here's our ride.

We went back to the bike shop and talked rental bikes; we're waiting to see what the weather is like before committing to renting tomorrow. It's 79 degrees and sunny today, but is slated to be 60 and rainy tomorrow.

We ate at F Street Station, around the corner from the bike shop, since we'd already parked and fed the meter.  We had a great haddock sandwich and a glass of wine.

It's innovative the way the streets are laid out in Anchorage--there are the numbered streets, all the way from the 70s down to First Street (the bike shop is on 4th). Crossing those streets are the streets called A, B, C, etc, going west, and going east are streets whose names begin with the letters in order. I did not see them all, since I was driving, but saw Barrow, Cordova, Denali, Eagle, Fairbanks, and so forth. The purple B & B is on Nelchina Street. It would be pretty hard to get lost in this city! I'll be testing that theory tomorrow!

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Jenifer said...

It was a pleasure to met you both. I look forward to following your trip around Alaska. I just did an Alaskan cruise and it was so beautiful.I hope you have good weather here on out.