Monday, August 3, 2015

July 30, 2015. Mud Lake to Massey Marina, IA. 17 Miles.

We left Mud Lake park on a bright sunny morning. I was loaned a different boat today--a Current Designs Storm, which I think is rather large for me.

We paddled out through the lotus beds instead of going right out into the big river. We had a tailwind again today, very helpful crossing the pool above the lock.

Safety boats were out to protect us from power boats and other hazards.

We entered lock 11 with no mishaps. The kayaks and canoes went in first, followed by the safety boats.

We passed out of the lock and turned into AY McDonald Park in Dubuque. It took a long time to get all the boats out, but it was a worthwhile stop. The caterer from last night was there with brownies and bottled water for us. We stayed a long time, walking around the park, using flush toilets (a real treat on a river trip!), and eating brownies and the bagels left over from breakfast.

We encountered a paddle-wheel excursion boat called the Spirit of Dubuque several times today. We saw eagles soaring overhead--we have seen bald eagles every day so far.

We arrived at Massey Marina County Park, hauled the boats up the bank and I found that Bill had already set up our tent in the shade. I could get used to this! I saw another unusual sign at the ladies' room. Wi Fi? Really?

The dinner was called lasagna, but some of us agreed that it was very different than anything we would call lasagna... oh well, we were hungry and we ate it. There were a couple of bands playing tonight--one with guitar, bongos and harmonicas, and another guitarist singing solo.  Bill and I sat with John (a friend from other Rumbles) and his friends from Wisconsin, had a drink or two, and enjoyed the cool breeze.

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