Monday, August 3, 2015

July 31, 2015. Massey Park to Bellevue, IA. 16 Miles.

This was positively the worst breakfast I have ever tried to eat--there was one option, pancakes. They were mealy, underdone and cold. The ham slice was browned in grease and also cold. I think I'd better start bringing something besides lunch food on these trips.

We had a tailwind all day--it sure is different paddling with the wind behind us than it is fighting crosswinds or headwinds.

I started out in the Storm again today, the red boat below. At our lunch stop Larry switched us around, and I got to move from the Storm to the white Caribou next to it. What a difference! Look at the height and width of the two boats--the Caribou is a much better fit for me.

We stopped at Off Shore resort today, where they provided chips and cheese sauce for free and sold us drinks. While a lot of Rumblers opted for alcoholic beverages, I had iced tea and really enjoyed it!

Daren pulled Cecile around on the back of his boat for a while--I don't know how or why they decided to do this... very strange.

We waited at the resort until a tow and barges came through lock 12, then we loaded up the boats and headed downriver.

The lock-through was uneventful, as we like them to be.

Right after the lock we turned into Bellevue and hauled our boats up the ramp into a park. There were tractors and wagons at the ready to take us and our equipment up to Cole Park where we camped.

The tractors and wagons were also available to take us to dinner or anywhere else we wanted to go. Bill and Julie and I decided to go to dinner early, so we had them drop us off at Potter's Mill, a local restaurant that used to be a mill. We were very glad we went when we did--by the time we were eating our entrees there was a line of people out the door. This is a very popular spot for locals, as well as a great choice for Rumblers.

After dinner we walked back (about a mile). Julie went to her tent and Bill and I walked downtown to get an ice cream cone--first one on this trip!

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