Saturday, February 13, 2016

Florida February 11-12, 2016

I arrived around 2 PM Thursday. Dianne picked me up at the airport and we retrieved my bike from FedEx. She made lunch, and after eating we went for a walk to shake off all that sitting in the plane.... I am just not good at sitting! While out walking we stopped to see Jean (we stayed at her house in Ontario when we drove to Quebec) and made plans to have dinner with her next Thursday. When we got back I put my bike together, but it was too late to go for a ride.

Friday morning we walked with Jan, and then Dianne went to play tennis at 8 AM. It was a little chilly for swimming. By the time she returned I had emptied the entire cupboard into the dishwasher and pushed the button.... It was 57 degrees by then, so I swam while she went to the gym (the water was 81 degrees). The pool was empty but for me and the few hardy folks who showed up for a water aerobics class.

We went home for lunch, then regrouped and went to Scrabble Club. The people here think it's cold--Linda had on fur lined boots (look at her feet!) and she wore a parka into the clubhouse! I had on sandals, long shorts and a tech fabric t-shirt.

Scrabble was fun, as always. I already knew most of the players from other years. We came home and called Fred and Doris and made plans to ride there (about 70 miles one way) next Sunday, stay the night and ride back on Monday. I called Barbara and Stan, who have been on bike trips with us and live in the area. We'll see them on Saturday at the club ride.

Dianne and I had a glass of wine and played a couple of games of Scrabble--it's incredible that I was here more than 24 hours before we got out that game board!

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