Wednesday, February 10, 2016

It's finished!

Thanksgiving weekend the upstairs bathroom broke--it started with a plugged drain. When Bill snaked it he broke through the J-trap and flooded the bathroom I had just cleaned. One thing led to another and we ended up with 2 broken water lines and a plugged drain in the wall behind the built in vanity.

We needed a new bathroom anyway! Look at that tub! The previous owners put acrylic coating on the original 1955 green bathtub. Behind the patch is the only heat vent for the room--it was leaking water to the downstairs when we showered so we covered it up.

We had guests for the Thanksgiving weekend and after I tore out the vanity and Bill broke through the big drain behind the wall we gave it up. We had flooded the room and the stairs, filled the ceiling fixture in the downstairs, and even had water in the basement!

We lived with a hole in the wall until after the holidays.

I hired All Point Construction (a local contractor) to demolish and rebuild the room, enlarging it as well, by taking over the closet from an adjoining bedroom and a small hallway section. Everything had to go!

After it was gutted they started the rebuild. I picked out tile and a cast iron soaking tub, 4" deeper than the standard tub. It was a real bear getting it up the stairs! The tub is separate from the shower, which is in the footprint of the old closet.

The tumbled marble tile was chosen to take advantage of the Motor City Images tiles Bill and I had gotten as a freebie at a fundraiser. Of course there were only 8 freebies, and I drove up to Canton (about an hour away) to purchase 18 additional tiles, all depicting scenes of Detroit.

It took days to pick out paint, but I am totally satisfied with my choice. It took 2 tries to get the right sink and vanity, but again, it is perfect!

They just put in the vanity today, so it is taped together until the adhesive and caulk dry.

The old linen closet was incorporated into the room as open shelves.

I love it, it's perfect, and I'm leaving tomorrow! My next post will be from Florida, and I sure hope it warms up by then!

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