Thursday, February 18, 2016

Florida. February 17-18, 2016.

Wednesday morning we did not walk with Jan. Dianne went to play tennis, and after that I helped her with some things on her computer--she just got a PC after using an ancient Apple for many years. She needed to scan, save and send some documents to New York and hadn't a clue how to do it.

We walked the 4 mile route, had lunch, and then I went swimming and she went to the gym. That is the last time I'm swimming in the afternoon! There were 6 people walking the shallow end crossways, 4 or 5 bobbers in the shallow end, a couple of walkers in the deeper water and 3 bobbers in the deep end! It was like swimming in an obstacle course! I usually do all 4 strokes, but not a chance! I did some backstroke midway through my workout and had a couple of collisions, so I stuck to breast stroke and freestyle to protect myself. Everyone was very nice about it, but really. I was the only lap swimmer. I guess they're just not used to people actually swimming in their pool.

This morning we biked 5 miles through very busy streets to get to Dunedin, and then got on the Pinellas Trail. Dianne was still involved in the business we tried to take care of yesterday, and stopped several times to make and receive phone calls. Darn cell phones anyway--you can't escape!

We rode the trail to Clearwater, where the beach was just voted best beach in the United States by Trip Advisor. It is indeed a beautiful beach! We could see many sailboats on the horizon, lined up for the MACRA Championship race series being run out of Sand Key Park.

There was a lot of traffic in Clearwater, but we stopped at Pier 60 to look around. We're only 990 miles from Detroit!

We rode over the bridges and continued on to Indian Rocks Beach, where we stopped at Crabby Bill's for lunch.

The traffic was still pretty heavy, so we took a roundabout way back to the Pinellas Trail, bypassing Clearwater. It warmed up nicely--I was glad I opted for shorts this morning!

We had a headwind all the way home, finishing with 45 miles. We showered, played some Scrabble, and then got ready for our dinner guest. Jean was very gracious to host 10 of us at her lake home in Ontario on our way to Quebec in fall of 2014. We invite her for dinner whenever I come to Palm Harbor (she spends winters here). Dianne straightened up the house and made the salad, I cooked the dinner, and we had a grand time. Jean has an incredible number of great stories!

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